Appliance Bootcamp

Appliance Boot Camp is an intense, hands on training course that will equip you with the confidence and necessary skills to own and operate your own appliance repair business. The appliance repair field is one of the last skilled trades that doesn’t require a state issued license. Even though a license isn’t required to repair appliances, it still pays on the same level as an electrician, plumber, and HVAC repairman. Appliance repair is also a recession proof business – the worst the economy get the better our industry gets. In a bad economy people don’t buy new appliances, they get them repaired. On average, a one man shop can earn $100k plus a year with a very small startup cost. Most appliance repair companies start with less than a $1000 investment. At Appliance Boot Camp we give you our formula that takes you from employee or unemployed to business owner.

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Looking for a low start up cost, recession proof business. Well look no further,appliance repair offers all that and more.

Things You Should Know

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"A weekend of sacrifice for a lifetime of satisfaction."

  • Learn a skill trade
  • Become your own boss (self employment)
  • Ability to earn $100k + a year
  • Recession proof business